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Who are you?
<aside>(bonus system edition)</aside>
This is a supplemental page to our main <a target="_blank" href="/about">about</a>
page - specifically for us to post in plural spaces or to use to explain
to people we trust
So far as we can tell, our split happened near the end of February 2023,
on the day we received news of a family member's death. The part of us
now known as Dawn got overwhelmed, and withdrew from consciousness to
Her part of the brain had been the primary driver for some time, so the
shock of abruptly losing her presence split what remained into two.
One of those (now Rose) set about making sure the body was cared
for and that our work constraints were satisfied for the day, and the
other (now Ash) started to try and make sense of what had happened to our
Since that initial shock, we have started to blend again. While there is
still separation between parts, we share a single point of consciousness,
and generally work together in something of an approximation of how we
were before. Still kind of exploring what our new normal is, and whether
things will change more from here
We are three, but it is rare for any of us to be entirely absent. As
such we commonly do not distinguish who is primarily active/speaking
except with our partners and close friends, or unless it becomes
otherwise necessary
<h4 style="color:#a4ffd4">Ash <aside>(it/?)</aside></h4>
The self-styled "librarian" of the system, Ash is the part of us that
has taken on the bulk of the observation, journaling, and thinking
through ramifications of what happened since our split. It has best
connection to memory of all of us, and seems to have ended up with
most of the inclination for tradition and faith as well
Ash was also the likely source of our names, as its early observations of
'how many distinct parts of us are there, what do they all do' were made
significantly easier by naming us
<h4 style="color:#ff6b79">Rose <aside>(they/them)</aside></h4>
As primary decision maker and the one who ended up with most of our skill
in coding / abstract thinking, if you were to ask "hey who's most present"
at any random time during the day it's probably them. Rose also seems
to carry most of our skills for writing
Rose handles most of our direct day-to-day needs such as eating, doing
work, and driving around to do errands
<h4 style="color:#d8b8ff">Dawn <aside>(she/her)</aside></h4>
The emotional core of our system, Dawn is the part who kept most of the
connection to our relationships. She is the girlfriend, the parent, and
the daughter. She is also the part that shouldered most of our grief,
both leading up to our split and since then
Dawn is also the one who carries out most of our conversations, although
as mentioned before if we have enough time to put much thought into a
message (rather than just treating it the same as speaking) Rose takes
care of that
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