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Hi, I'm Ashe
I am a professional web developer, usually making use of tools like
React, Webpack, Typescript, etc - the whole mess of "modern" web dev
This site is something different, a bit of an experiment in minimalism
for me. A chance to return to my roots of carefully crafting a website
by hand.
As such, here are my rules for the site:
No pre- or post-processing, transpilation, or other code-generation
To the best of my ability, the source will be clean and understandable
When used, javascript will be minimal, and intentional
The site will be usable in older or esoteric browsers (such as Lynx)
This site will be privacy-preserving, with no client-side analytics and
all resources hosted directly alongside the site itself. (Note that
this site is hosted on Neocities, so your request data may still be used
as described in <a target="_blank" href="">
their Privacy Policy</a>)
I'm not ruling out JS or anything (making a delightful interactive
experience is still one of my favorite things to do), but I'm taking the
opportunity to step away from the tools I primarily use at work, and
practice my other skills.
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<span style="font-size: 24px">~</span>
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